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Funeral arrangements, casket, burial vault, cremation services, cemetery lots for sale and other preplanning that can save you 50% of the costs.

Final Arrangements Preplanning Can Save Nearly 50% the Costs of a Funeral, Cemetery or Cremation
A Final Arrangements Information Sheet

Deciding to make funeral, cemetery or cremation final arrangements yourself requires a level of maturing and sophistication in life. The funeral, cemetery and cremation arrangements'; information, advice, guidance and tutorials available here at The Final Arrangements Network are meant to be helpful and as easy to use as we knew how to make them. The planning pages at this site are a good deal more detailed than you may have previously encountered when looking at a preplanning questionnaire or promotional piece on the Internet or from a cemetery or funeral home. Our reasoning for the detail, based on experience, is to present a majority of the actual decisions and necessary information that would face someone making final arrangements at the time of a loved one's death.

Therefore the final arrangements forms we present, hopefully give you a realistic picture which you can use in creating your personal final arrangements, yourself, without filtering through sales presentations and telemarketing you would inevitably endure any other way. Using our learning center's directory will give you important things to consider as you make your final arrangements.

You will also find valuable information and a touch of opinion from us at FAN about important money decisions that could add up to substantial savings, as much as 50% and more are not unusual, when the actual items or services are bought. Here is a list of those special savings areas you need to consider to cut the high cost of final arrangements. You will find, we have included links to other sites on these subjects where you can also get help or actually purchase products or services: 

You can use any of the questionnaires for each of the areas that you choose to make final arrangements for and by just filling in these forms and clicking a submit button you will get a completed page you can print out and keep as part of your permanent final arrangements plan. There is no charge and none of the information you submit is ever kept by us for any reason. Visit either our preplanning center to decide how you want to get the forms. You can choose; Online, Email, Print or we will even US Mail them to you. If you know you will use our easy to use online program, go directly to our final arrangements preplanning directory to pick the forms you need to fill out to make your final arrangements. While filling out your forms there is always a "click for help" button to give you answers you may have about a specific area.

If you are not familiar with the areas that should be covered in a final arrangements plan, you should start with our page What's In a Cremation, Cemetery and Funeral Final Arrangements Preplan. Here you can begin a step by step walk through all areas of interest to you and your final arrangements.

Although The Final Arrangements Network has taken special care to try and include everything necessary to intelligently make complete preplanning final arrangements, we are not the end all of sources for these important and costly decisions. There are other sites with information that you may want in addition to ours or as a compliment to the knowledge you get here at The Final Arrangements Network. We neither endorse nor recommend these other sources for preplanning information. We leave this to your judgment and analysis. If you have comments or suggestions we welcome them. Just send us an email at  Final Arrangements Mail @

Below are some sources that have information or actual forms to make final arrangements we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your final arrangements preplanning program.

Links to More Information on this Subject

The Funeral Consumers Alliance - A Federation of Nonprofit Consumer Information Societies. The Funeral Consumers Alliance is dedicated to protecting a consumer's right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.

Beyond Indigo  - Information about making the final arrangements from things to do first, choices such as cremation or burial, how to find a funeral home, pre-need planning and funeral customs.


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