Caskets For Sale; Buy a Casket at a Discount; Pay 50% to 70% less at a Retail Casket Store
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Caskets for Sale; Buy for a Lot Less
The Casket You Buy Alone can Lower Funeral Costs by Thousands
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Finding Caskets for sale, with the advent of the discount casket store has dramatically changed the cost of final arrangements made for funerals due to the Federal Trade Commissions Funeral Rule implementation in 1984. To buy a casket, it used to cost thousands. Today to buy a similar casket the price can be only hundreds of dollars. This is significant since nearly half the cost of a traditional funeral is generally the price of the casket. It is not surprising to see a casket that cost $4,000 from a funeral home be offered by a third party discount casket store for less than half that.

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If your final arrangements call for a casket or you must purchase one because of a death you need to know where and how to purchase. Of all the information and services available on the Internet about the funeral, cemetery and cremation that about discount caskets is the easiest to find. It will be up to you to decide if you want to purchase from a local Discount Casket Store in your area like you would for any large ticket item or if you want to order over the internet or phone. The only thing we at Final Arrangements Network want you to remember is that a great deal of money can be saved using a third party casket provider.

Under the FTC's Funeral Rule, mentioned above, you have every right to purchase from a third party casket provider and your funeral director will not penalize you or charge you a fee of any kind for handling. The generally the price you pay for caskets purchased from a funeral home is  two to two and one half times the wholesale cost.

If you are going to have a casket as part of your final arrangements preplanning, below are some sources for information on caskets and discount casket stores we have found or have asked to be listed here to help your final arrangements preplanning program.

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Caskets For Sale; Buy a Casket at a Discount; Pay 50% to 70% less at a Retail Casket Store


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