Cemetery Plots for Sale or Burial Plots for Sale with Grave Sites for Sale Selling Tips on How to Sell Yourself at Low Cost!
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Cemetery Plots for Sale or Burial Plots for Sale with Grave Sites for Sale? 
Sell Cemetery Plots for Sale or Burial Plots for Sale with Grave Sites for Sale Yourself. How To Sell Cemetery Plots for Sale or Burial Plots for Sale Tips

There is no such thing as "Unwanted" Cemetery Plots or Burial Plots for Sale. 
There is only non-professionally marketed property because its cheap or free to list there.

If You Want to Sell Cemetery Lots or Burial Plots for Sale. You need a "Cemetery Plots for Sale" market first. 
To sell cemetery plots or burial plots for sale successfully, a buy, swap or trade cemetery lots for sale Internet market like Final Arrangements Network's The Cemetery Registry with thousands of listings of cemetery plots and burial plots for sale ads needed to be started. Then you need to find buyers for these cemetery plots and burial plots for sale or you don't really have anything but what you usually see in the Newspapers and the Internet, a long list of cemetery plots or burial plots for sale without professional marketing to match those buyers with the cemetery plot sellers who have paid their money hoping to sell. You need a Buyers listing service as well to make your selling efforts worthwhile. The Cemetery Registry's Buyer Request Services does that in a way never done before outside the home or Automobile marketplace. Now, you really have the beginnings of the market of cemetery plots for sale and burial plots for sale for those who wish to sell matching with those who need or want to buy cemetery plots or burial plots for sale and don't know where or how to do it. If you additional or specific questions after using this tutorial then Email us with your questions or concerns at: 

Seller Questions Mail @

How am I ever going to Sell my Cemetery Plots?
Worried About How to Put a Sold Sign on Your Cemetery Lots or Burial Plots For Sale and Grave Sites for Sale Selling Effort?
13 Smart Reasons To Register Cemetery Plots or Burial Plots for Sale Now


Cemetery Brokers and How They Fit
An Important Word of Caution to Private Owners of Cemetery Plots and Burial Plots for Sale Regarding Commissions and Fees Charged to Market Your Property Across State Lines
cemetery lots, plots and grave sites with burial spaces for sale cemetery broker information you should know

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Cemetery Seller's Tip

Should I Even Advertise 
My Cemetery Plots or Lots for Sale?

  Not sure if you should register to sell cemetery lots? Take our Quiz and find out why this is the place to advertise your cemetery lots for sale.

Cemetery Plots or Lots For Sale 
Should You Advertise Quiz
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Nearly 1.5 million sellers of burial rights, cemetery plots, niches, mausoleum crypts, lawn crypts, caskets, vaults, monuments, memorials, funeral services, cemetery services, etc., exist in the U.S. alone, by some estimates. They would like to sell or exchange but have made no attempt or the wrong attempts to do so. Why they don’t is somewhat complicated.

Sell Cemetery Lots The Problems

The Big Reason - No Marketplace
  When someone wants a home or car they have two markets to go to; new and used. When someone dies people only know to buy new. They have no idea that at the cemetery they will bury their loved in there is property available from an owner because there is no place for them to go and find out what cemetery plots for sale or burial plots for sale are there, in the limited time they have to make a decision. The really disappointing thing about these two ships passing in the night is both ships could have benefited had they made contact. The savings to a buyer can be 50% or more in some cases and obviously the seller realizes a monetary gain in being able to sell their cemetery plots for sale and burial plots for sale.

Another Reason - No Sellers
Yes, we said there are probably 1.5 million cemetery plots for sale and burial plots for sale owners out there in the U.S. alone who would like to sell, but they haven’t let anyone know it. There are possibly 12,000 to 15,000 cemetery plots for sale and burial plots for sale offers to sell amongst the newspaper and Internet classifieds, weekly and monthly trading magazines and Internet listing services. At the most that represents only 1% of the available offers of cemetery plots for sale and burial plots for sale. There are entire States with fewer than 10 offers of cemetery plots and burial plots for sale in the whole State.

Why No Market?
 Well, part of it is the law. Many states won’t allow cemeteries and funeral directors to resell property. It is a protection built in to system so unscrupulous individuals can’t engage in "speculation for profit" schemes. Another reason is how these rights are generally sold. Usually a person dies and then the family instantaneously is faced with the purchase. They generally have only a few hours or a day to find a final resting place and absolutely no desire to shop around. They just lost someone and aren’t about to go find the best deal out there. They just want it done.

Why No Sellers?
They generally don’t know they can or have been burned using normal selling strategies like newspaper classifieds. They tried running their ad like they would for a sofa or car and after spending weeks and months, not to mention hundreds of dollars, and no response they realized you don’t sell cemetery lots like a sofa. Few are aware of any other way to promote since buying cemetery lots is more or less a local purchase and advertising to wider area won’t help. This leaves out using television, radio or out of town newspapers.

Sell Cemetery Plots or Lots for Sale, The Solution 
There is, however, a way out of this catch-22 for both buyer and seller. Everyone, who thinks they may someday be responsible for taking care of final arrangements for a loved one, should know something about purchasing cemetery lots. They should also find out how they can purchase what is desired from an owner if it means a savings to the family to help offset other funeral costs. The Cemetery Registry now provides that possibility with just a click of the mouse from home.

Sellers now have The Cemetery Registry to let others know they will sell cemetery lots and how to contact them without spending more than they paid for them or constantly paying weekly, monthly or yearly renewals just to stay listed.

Sell Cemetery Plots or Lots for Sale Tips

First Register!
The Cemetery Registry would be a good place to be.

Cemetery lots, plots and grave sites for sale registration page to register cemetery lots for sale

sell cemetery lots, plots and grave sites for sale registration page
Click to Register Now


Pay only to register or list. You'll end up paying for several months or more, just to stay listed. Don't buy any service that offers a cheap one month, quarter, yearly or even two year fee. It may cost you more in the end than you ever thought it would if you get nothing but a listing from them and no selling help or Buyers Buying program.

The cost to register should cover maintaining the listing for at least one year. The Cemetery Registry only charges a registration fee of $99.95 or $119.95, depending on the type of registration you choose. Never a renewal fee. You run without spending a penny more, period, for as long as it takes for you to sell.

Make sure the company you allow to help sell your property has tools beyond a cheap price and simple layout. Make sure they also have a way to match your property with a Buyer and a way to find buyers like Express Match.

A good rule of thumb, on cost, is to pay no more than what the listing would have cost to run for two weeks in your local newspaper, if it were a regular classified, such as an automobile or appliance.

Never buy where making a change to your listing means spending money or taking out a new ad. The Cemetery Registry allows changes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You never pay to change or to stay listed, ever!

Make sure where you list is someplace people will be able to find on the Internet and isn’t just a misplaced classified ad from a newspaper or bulletin board service.

Use a search engine like Google, MSN, AOL, Netscape, Yahoo, etc. Check out how your buyer might find your listing. Use a phrase like "cemetery lots for sale" and see what shows up and go from there. We have hundreds of  buyers looking for cemetery lots right now. So we know they are looking 

Make sure there are more than a few or few hundred cemetery listings and your not  buried in an obscure category of a online or print classified ads magazine. Buyers are like you, they want a lot of selection and an attractive place to shop and spend their money. 

Don't make the mistake so many do that everyone sees the classifieds. Cemetery Lots are not sofas or cars. Rarely will they sell that way. Paying by the week, month or even year as most classifieds charge are cost prohibitive to, effectively, sell cemetery lots.
Your buyer is going to pay you hundred or thousands of dollars for your property. But they won't even see your ad if you're just after the latest apartment rentals, used boats or car ads in that weekly trader magazine most cemetery buyers will never look at for buying cemetery lots.

Once you register with The Cemetery Registry, you'll have the world covered but you need to let your Home Town know too. Contact  Clergy, Estate Planners & Attorneys, Funeral Directors, Social Workers, Accountants, Trust  and Estate Consultants and anyone else in your area who deals with either the funeral & burial process or estate and financial planning.
Don't just call or write to them once and figure its done. You need to plan on following up every six months or so, until you sell. Remember when someone dies there won't be a lot of shopping going on. If  your property is known to those who have to make the decision it is possible you will get the call to buy  rather than a cemetery.

Start to sell cemetery lots you don't need by registering with The Cemetery Registry, today. It's simple, fast and you can pay the one time registration fee of $99.95 or $119.95 with your credit card or personal check. Remember never a Renewal fee to stay listed, ever!

Are You Saying,
"I want to Sell Cemetery Lots Today?" 

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sell cemetery lots, plots and grave sites for sale registration page

Still have questions about how to sell your cemetery plots and lots for sale or other burial items and services? 
Please Email us and we will try to get you an answer. Write to: 
Seller Questions Mail @

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