Funeral and Cemetery Services Planning and Cremation Services Advice from The Final Arrangements Network Funeral and Cemetery Services Planning and Cremation Services Advice from The Final Arrangements Network
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Death Is Inevitable. Why Should Anyone Do Final Arrangements Preplanning, 
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From one of the world's most recognized  Consumer Advisors:

   "Few consumers would ordinarily admit to spending $5,000 or more on something that they knew little or nothing about. Yet everyday thousands of Americans do just that when a family member dies. On short notice, with their judgment often clouded by grief or guilt, they turn to the nearest funeral director to tell them what to do."

   ".....While few people are comfortable about discussing funerals in advance, it is really a very poor idea to decide on arrangements under the pressure of time and emotional stress."
(pages 325-326) 

Final Arrangements of Funeral Arrangements, Cemetery Lots for Sale, Cremation Services and Buying a Casket are just a few of the things that keep people from making Final Arrangements Plans themselves. The Final Arrangements Network's instructions, tutorials, online forms and information pages help take the fear, misunderstanding and cost away.

Final Arrangements for Funeral, Cemetery & Cremation Costs. What you can do to Control Them.

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Each day, Life is written. This greatest of manuscripts. Yet, so precious few have courage enough to write those inevitable final lines.

How most evident, the love for those we cherish, the true concern to protect, the pride they will have in us, when depart, we must; writing our self, that courageous Finis.

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"Cemetery Property...One Man's Treasure Is Another Man's Ultimate White Elephant"
By RW Ward, Final Arrangements Consultant
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"Death. The Expensive Little Secret, Seniors Need to Talk About."
By RW Ward, Final Arrangements Consultant

"Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Final Arrangements - A Woman's Job No Woman Wants!"
By RW Ward, Final Arrangements  Consultant
Final Arrangements 

Consumers Union of U.S., Inc. May 2001
"Why In The World Would I Plan My Own Final Arrangements?"
By RW Ward, Final Arrangements Consultant
"Dealing with Death In The Nursing Home"
An Article By
Donalyn A. Gross, PhD, LCSW, 
"How to Plan an $800 Funeral"
By Christopher Solomon MSN Money

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