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The Memorials, Eulogies and Tributes Online Registry
Helping Families find Their Loved One's Tributes  without Frustrating Searches of  the Internet

End the Frustration and Useless Surfing for Family and Friends trying to find your loved one's memorial and obituary online. Now You Can Link every Online Memorials, Obituaries, Death Notices, Funeral Notices, Newspaper Magazine Articles and Tributes of Your Loved One for Your Family and Friends Together in the Final Arrangements Online Memorial Registry.

The Online Memorials Registry Library can link every online memorial, obituary, obit, news article and tribute published to the Internet, that you register. If you have online memorials and obituaries (obits) somewhere on the Internet for a loved one that you would like to make family and friends aware of please send us the location of the online memorial. We will register your loved ones name and provide  links to the pages or websites where the online memorials and obituaries (obits) are published. 

Why should I request linking with The Memorials and Obituaries Internet Depository 
when we have already published and paid for an online memorial somewhere else? 

  • First - The fact that once you register your loved ones online memorials you are assured that you don't have to rely on one website's popularity to make sure others can find the online memorials. You are using the greatest tool the Internet has created. The ability to link one location instantly to any other location in the world.

  • Second - You get assurances that your online memorial will last for and entire year. Final Arrangements guarantees to provide a link to your loved ones online memorials, obituaries (obits), tributes,  newspaper and magazine articles for a year from the time you register it. If, for some reason, the websites where your loved ones online memorials and/or obituaries are  located stop being published, during the year, FAN will create an online memorial on our site free of charge, as a substitute, to insure your loved has a online memorial on the Internet for an entire year.

  • Third - The entire process is simple, fast. We do all work of searching and creating the links for you.

  • Fourth - You can link to three (3) (Not Just One but three) of your loved ones online memorials and obituaries (obits) that are published anywhere on the Internet from The Final Arrangements Network. You tell us where they are and we will set up the links to take family and friends to them.

  • Fifth -  The linking is FREE. You only have to defray our search, set up and processing costs once.


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