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Casket, Cremation Urn, Memorial, Mausoleum Craftsmen & Artists
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Memorial Art, since man first honored his dead tens of thousands of years ago, artisans have been called upon to create the works that gave testament to the honoring of his dead. From the Pyramids of Egypt to the JFK's Eternal Flame the tradition of hiring specially talented individuals has been part of societies and cultures.

Using an artisan or company that creates individual works does not automatically mean it will cost more. Caskets and urns often can be purchased from these sources and often are unique, functional, attractive and less costly than those available from standard manufacturers of the items. The choice is yours.

We list here some websites where you can get information or peruse examples of the types of items created. As this area becomes known by industry participants we will add more to our list. Below are a few services we know about or have asked to be listed

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Sun City Granite - Custom Monuments, Memorials and Grave markers

H.C. Wood "Rock Art" - H.C. Wood Founded in 1855 by Aaron Wood, great-grandfather of the present owner, Harvard C. Wood III. For over a century the family of H.C. Wood has been designing and building headstones for the families whose loved ones are resting in hallowed grounds.


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