Advertising and Marketing Opportunities for Your Business with The Final Arrangements Internet Network

The FAN Network is a vast array of facts, information, instruction, advise, products and services about and for the Death Care Market. If you or your company provide to consumers who need or want Funeral, Cemetery or Cremation products and services, you should consider joining the FAN Network of Companies already participating.

How Big is the FAN Internet Network?

13,219,683 Visitor Hits per Year *

February 2011 Combined Visitor Hits: 
1,149,312 Visitor Hits per Month *

* Statistics compiled from Webalizer Reports April 1, 2010 to March 3, 2011

Why Will Marketing with the FAN Network be Good for Me and My Company?

Because FAN brings credibility and stature to those Companies who recognize the importance consumers have come to place in the reliability and honesty of information they find in the FAN Network. Since 2001 when the first version of FAN was released to the Internet, but before it was made available to the Search Engines, FAN has concentrated on providing solid information rather than quick visitor count gimmicks to build its reputation.

This emphasis on credibility and reliability translate to Companies that becomes a part of the FAN Network, adding prestige and professionalism to their efforts when consumers witness these companies as part of the FAN Portals. In addition to this image as a byproduct of participation in the FAN Network there is the fact products and services get bought through FAN everyday. Leads to new customers are found daily. Business is written by these Companies directly from the fact of their participation in the FAN Network.

How Can I Test the Viability of the FAN Network for My Needs?

A very good test of whether you or your company might benefit from using the FAN Network is seeing if for your key Internet measurements websites in the FAN Network are present. As an example, take the key words or phrases you want or those you wish you had working for you or your business and run them through the Big four Search Engines; Google, IE, Yahoo and Ask. See if any of the following websites show up on the first page. Be careful where you look during this experiment. Remember, if FAN is going to ask for your money to market you or your company it better have gotten to the first or second page of the results on its own. It has to be in the Organic listings not the paid for PPC. Organic takes longer to get to and shows both staying power and the relevancy the Search Engine provider has placed for the websites it renders and their ranking of importance for your key word phrase. Anyone can buy their way to the top for a while but it has no value in the long run when it comes to helping you with your marketing needs, just theirs. That's why they are buying in the first place, to get an edge on the real leaders organically listed by the Search Engine. Run Your Key Word Tests and See if the following websites show up on the first or second page of the Organically listed sites:   

How Can We Use the FAN Network to Promote?

Funeral Home Services


Cemetery Sales Counselors

Cremation Services

Cemetery Brokers

Baby Boomer Demo Seeking Websites


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